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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Image shown hereConnect Shapes

To connect shapes, select a shape to display its connection arrows. Suppose you want to connect shape A to shape B. Select shape A. Drag the right arrow to shape B to indicate that shape A precedes shape B. Drag the left arrow to shape B to indicate that shape B precedes shape A. To connect the shapes in your diagram, select the right arrows to connect to the next shape in the sequence.

1. Select the Start block (blue arrow) to display the connection arrow.

2. Select the single connection arrow Image shown here and drag it to the Power Supply component.

Figure 11.9 Connecting Shapes 

Connecting Shapes

3. For each of the following components, click the first component, select its right connection arrow, and drag the arrow to the second component:

1. Power Supply CPU

2. CPU Hard Drive

3. CPU Peripherals

4. Hard Drives Join

5. Peripherals Join

6. Join Input Devices

7. Input Devices Monitor

8. Monitor End block

Figure 11.10 Completed System Diagram 

Completed System Diagram

4. Proceed with Configure Components.

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