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Design of Experiments Guide > Evaluate Designs > Evaluate Design Window
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Evaluate Design Window

The Evaluate Design window consists of two parts. See Figure 15.11, where all outline nodes are closed.

The Factors, Model, Alias Terms, and Design outlines define the model and design.

The Design Evaluation outline provides results that describe the properties of your design.

Figure 15.11 Evaluate Design Window Showing All Possible Outlines 

Evaluate Design Window Showing All Possible Outlines

The Factors, Model, Alias Terms, and Design outlines contain information that you enter about the factors, assumed model, potentially aliased effects of interest, and the actual design. JMP populates these outlines using your selections in the launch window and the design table. However, you can modify the effects in the Model and Alias Terms outlines. Once you have made your specifications, the Design Evaluation outlines are updated. You can open these outlines to see reports or control windows that provide information about your design.



Alias Terms


Design Evaluation

Power Analysis

Prediction Variance Profile

Fraction of Design Space Plot

Prediction Variance Surface

Estimation Efficiency

Alias Matrix

Color Map on Correlations

Design Diagnostics

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