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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Fit Curve

Fit Built-In Nonlinear Models to Your Data

In many situations, especially in the physical and biological sciences, well-known nonlinear equations describe the relationship between variables. For example, pharmacological bioassay experiments can demonstrate how the strength of the response to a drug changes as a function of drug concentration. Sigmoid curves often accurately model response strength as a function of drug concentration. Another example is exponential growth curves, which can model the size of a population over time.

The Fit Curve platform does not require you to specify starting values for parameter estimates or create model formulas. To specify your own starting values and create model formulas, use the more powerful custom Nonlinear platform, which can also fit any nonlinear model. See Nonlinear Regression.

Figure 14.1 Example of Nonlinear Fit in the Fit Curve Platform 

Example of Nonlinear Fit in the Fit Curve Platform


Overview of the Fit Curve Platform

Example Using the Fit Curve Platform

Launch the Fit Curve Platform

The Fit Curve Report

Fit Curve Options

Model Comparison Report

Model Fit Report

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Test Parallelism
Compare Parameter Estimates
Equivalence Test

Statistical Details for the Fit Curve Platform

Model Formulas
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