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Predictive and Specialized Modeling > Nonlinear Regression
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Nonlinear Regression

Fit Custom Nonlinear Models to Your Data

The Nonlinear platform is a good choice for models that are nonlinear in the parameters. This chapter focuses on custom nonlinear models, which include a model formula and parameters to be estimated. Use the default least squares loss function or a custom loss function to fit models. The platform minimizes the sum of the loss function across the observations.

Figure 15.1 Example of a Custom Nonlinear FitĀ 

Example of a Custom Nonlinear Fit

The Nonlinear platform also provides predefined models, such as polynomial, logistic, Gompertz, exponential, peak, and pharmacokinetic models. See Fit Curve.

Note: Some models are linear in the parameters (for example, a quadratic or other polynomial) or can be transformed to be such (for example, when you use a log transformation of x). The Fit Model or Fit Y by X platforms are more appropriate in these situations. For more information about these platforms, see Model Specification in Fitting Linear Models and Introduction to Fit Y by X in Basic Analysis.


Example of Fitting a Custom Model

Launch the Nonlinear Platform

The Nonlinear Fit Report

Nonlinear Platform Options

Create a Formula Using the Model Library

Customize the Nonlinear Model Library

Additional Examples

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Statistical Details for the Nonlinear Platform

Profile Likelihood Confidence Limits
How Custom Loss Functions Work
Notes Concerning Derivatives
Notes on Effective Nonlinear Modeling
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