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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Fixed Parameter Crow AMSAA

This option enables you to specify parameter values for a Crow-AMSAA fit. If a Crow-AMSAA report has not been obtained before choosing the Fixed Parameter Crow-AMSAA option, then both a Crow-AMSAA report and a Fixed Parameter Crow-AMSAA report are provided.

When the Fixed Parameter Crow-AMSAA option is selected, the Cumulative Events Plot updates to display this model. The Model List also updates. The Fixed Parameter Crow-AMSAA report opens to show the MTBF plot for the Crow-AMSAA fit; this plot is described in the section MTBF Plot.

In addition to Show MTBF plot, available options are Show Intensity Plot, Show Cumulative Events Plot, and Show Profilers. The construction and interpretation of these plots is described under Crow AMSAA.


The initial parameter estimates are the MLEs from the Crow-ASMAA fit. Either parameter can be fixed by checking the box next to the desired parameter and then entering the desired value. The model is re-estimated and the MTBF plot updates to describe this model. Figure 10.16 shows a fixed-parameter Crow-AMSAA fit to the data in, with the value of beta set at 0.4.

Figure 10.16 Fixed Parameter Crow-AMSAA ReportĀ 

Fixed Parameter Crow-AMSAA Report

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