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Essential Graphing > Graph Builder > Right-Click Menus > Grouping Zones Options
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Grouping Zones Options

Right-clicking in the X Group, Y Group, Wrap, Color, Size, and Overlay zones can show the following options:

Levels in View

Changes the number of levels of the grouping variable that are visible. Use the arrow buttons to scroll forward and backward.

Number of Levels

Changes the number of levels. See Categorical and Continuous Variables in Group X or Y Zones.

Order By

Orders the levels of a variable. See Order the Levels of a Categorical Variable.

Show Title

Shows or hides the variable title.

Title Orientation

Changes the orientation of the variable text to horizontal or vertical.

Level Orientation

Changes the orientation of the level values to horizontal or vertical.

Levels per Row

Changes the number of columns included in the graph. Use with a Wrap variable.


Changes the background color of the grouping zone.

X or Y Group Edge

Moves the grouping variable labels. See Move Group X and Group Y Labels.

Summary Statistic

Applies color and or size variables based on a summary statistic. Available only for a summarized Y response.


Swaps the position of two variables. See Move or Remove Variables in Zones.


Removes a variable.

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