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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Hide Rows in Data Tables

Apply the Hidden row state to rows that you do not want to include in plots.

Note: Not all plots hide the elements that correspond to hidden rows. This is often the case when the calculations used to construct the plot elements use the data from the hidden rows. As a general rule, if there is a one-to-one correspondence between rows and plot elements, the points or elements corresponding to the hidden rows are hidden.

To hide one or more rows, follow these steps:

1. Select rows that you want to hide.

2. Do one of the following:

Right-click the selected area next to the row numbers and select Hide/Unhide.

From the Rows menu, select Hide/Unhide.


When you Hide rows, they are hidden in all open plots that are updated immediately.

Hiding rows does not exclude them from calculations and analyses.

When each hidden row corresponds to a point or an individual plot element, plots are updated immediately when you apply the Hidden row state to rows.

Depending on the platform, plot elements are calculated using multiple observations, but they do not correspond directly to a row. In these cases, the plot elements generally are not updated to reflect hidden observations unless those rows are also excluded.

For some plots where plot elements correspond to groups of rows, when you Hide rows, the plot is updated to hide plot elements corresponding to hidden rows. See JMP Plots Where Grouping Elements are Updated for Hide.

A mask icon (Image shown here) appears beside the row number of a hidden row.

Rows remain hidden until you select the rows and select Hide/Unhide again.

JMP Plots Where Grouping Elements are Updated for Hide

When you apply Hide to rows, in plots with a one-to-one correspondence between rows and plot elements, the points or plot elements are usually hidden immediately. However, for the following platforms and options, applying Hide results in immediate updates to plot elements that correspond to groups of rows:

Control Chart Builder. See Control Chart Builder in Quality and Process Methods.

Graph Builder. The bar chart, heat map, and pie chart are updated to reflect hidden rows. See Graph Builder in Essential Graphing.

Bubble Plot. See Bubble Plots in Essential Graphing.

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