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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Modeling Utilities

Exploring Data for Outliers, Missing Values, and Patterns

Modeling Utilities is a collection of utilities that are designed to assist in the data cleaning and pre-processing stages of data analysis. Each utility has exploratory tools to give you a more thorough understanding of your data. With Modeling Utilities, you can do the following:

Explore outliers in both the univariate and multivariate cases.

Explore and impute missing values in your data.

Explore and find unusual features or patterns in your data.

Figure 21.1 Multivariate k-Nearest Neighbor Outlier Example 

Multivariate k-Nearest Neighbor Outlier Example


Explore Outliers Utility

Example of the Explore Outliers Utility
Launch the Explore Outliers Utility
Quantile Range Outliers
Robust Fit Outliers
Robust PCA Outliers
K Nearest Neighbor Outliers
Explore Outliers Utility Options
Additional Examples of the Explore Outliers Utility

Explore Missing Values Utility

Example of the Explore Missing Values Utility
The Missing Value Report
Explore Missing Values Utility Options

Explore Patterns Utility

Example of the Explore Patterns Utility
Launch the Explore Patterns Utility
Explore Patterns Report
Explore Patterns Utility Options
Additional Example of the Explore Patterns Utility
Statistical Details for the Explore Patterns Utility
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