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Reliability and Survival Methods > Reliability Block Diagram > Options for Design and Library Items
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Image shown hereOptions for Design and Library Items

The available options for Design and Library items are listed below:

Show Configuration shows or hides the Configuration outline. See Configuration Settings.

Options to show various profilers. See Profilers and the following:

Distribution Profiler

Remaining Life Distribution Profiler

Reliability Profiler

Quantile Profiler

Density Profiler

Hazard Profiler

Cumulative Hazard Profiler

Options to show plots for component importance measures and mean time to failure. See Component Importance and Time to Failure and the following:

Birnbaum’s Component Importance

Remaining Life BCI

Component Integrated Importance

Mean Time to Failure

Options to show overlay plots for the components in a system diagram. See Component Plots and the following:

Component Distribution Functions

Component Reliability Functions

Component Density Functions

Component Hazard Functions

Component Cumulative Hazard Functions

Print Algebraic Reliability Formula

Generate Algebraic Expression Data Table

Clone and Delete

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