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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Rearrange Toolbars

On Windows, there are two ways to rearrange toolbars:

To rearrange toolbars quickly for the current user, drag the toolbar above, below, to the left, or to the right of the adjacent toolbar.

To specify the new location rather than drag the toolbar, right-click the toolbar and select a position from the Location menu. This method lets you move toolbars to the top or bottom of the window. You can also position the toolbars vertically on the left or right side of the window.

In some windows, the toolbar is hidden by default. Specifying a new location shows the toolbar in all windows of that type. On Windows, you can change the toolbar preferences to always show toolbars. See Windows Preferences

To drag a toolbar

1. Point to the left corner of the toolbar until the Move Image shown here cursor appears.

2. Drag the toolbar to the new location. When a toolbar is too wide to show completely, click the arrow to show all of the buttons, as shown in Figure 12.3.

Figure 12.3 Expanding a Toolbar 

Expanding a Toolbar

To position the toolbar

1. Right-click the toolbar that you want to move.

2. Select Location, and then select the new position.

Note: After you move a toolbar to the left, right, or bottom positions, you can add other toolbars to the same position. For example, you might relocate the File_Edit toolbar to the right side of the JMP window. To add other toolbars on the right side, right-click the bar and select the toolbar that you want to add.

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