Course Materials

JMP Academic Program

Everything you need to teach, learn and research… Better​

The JMP Academic Program connects faculty, researchers and students with the right resources to build analytical skills and succeed in today’s data-driven world.​



Prepare the next generation of engineers, scientists and decision makers​

Spend more time teaching statistical concepts and less time teaching software. JMP provides you with a full menu of free teaching resources, including ready-to-use course materials, online learning libraries, curriculum consulting, access to JMP software and much more.​

Academic Researchers

Extract deeper meaning and insights from your research​

Take your research to the next level with the statistical tool of choice for scientists, engineers and data explorers of all disciplines. JMP offers a wide variety of teaching and learning tools and resources designed to help you get more from your data.​


Learn how to use JMP and build practical skills for your future

Sharpen your analytical thinking and strengthen your statistical skills with JMP. We provide access to free JMP resources such as quick step-by-step guides, interactive learning materials and real-world case studies.