Xan Gregg

JMP Director of Research and Development, SAS

Xan Gregg leads data visualisation development at JMP, a business unit of SAS that specialises in data visualisation software.

He created the Graph Builder feature introduced in JMP 8 and continues to be its principal developer. Gregg is a frequent contributor to the JMP Blog and is known for his series of graph makeover posts. He is founder of the One Less Pie social media campaign, which seeks to replace inappropriate pie charts with better alternatives. Gregg participates in the online JMP User Community and often speaks at customer events like the JMP Discovery Summit. At the inaugural Discovery Summit Europe, Gregg won the award for Best Invited Paper.

Gregg is an active participant on visualisation question-and-answer sites Cross Validated and HelpMeViz. In 2006, he won first place in Business Intelligence Network's Data Visualisation Competition. Gregg has participated in volunteer hackathons, including one that produced a highly acclaimed graphic for the 2015 Hunger Report. His primary fields of interest are exploratory data analysis and information visualisation.