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Great software in the right hands can change the world. To those of us at SAS, this is not an overstatement. We delight in watching people use our software to make a difference, and we share their progress wherever and whenever we can. JMP® is no exception. Built with scientists and engineers in mind, this statistical discovery software is in the hands of some of the most brilliant – and forward-thinking – people around the world. A good thing, considering the great global challenges we face today. From malaria researchers at New York University Abu Dhabi to statisticians at the National Institutes for Food and Drug Control in China, this issue is full of #Data4Good.

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Seeing data that isn’t there

John Sall, SAS co-founder and Executive Vice President, says we should appreciate ghost data by learning how to handle it, model it and put it to work.

Analytics in government and politics: Billion-dollar questions

Former Member of the Portuguese Parliament Pedro Saraiva makes a case for applying deeper data-based approaches to policy making.

Bar charts that fold up their long tails

Data visualization expert Xan Gregg introduces packed bars, a new chart form in JMP.

From farm to fab

Author Melisa Buie calls farm life the perfect breeding ground for future scientists and engineers, and describes the problem-solving mindset they need.

Optimal design keeps getting better

Distinguished Research Fellow Bradley Jones discusses the latest in optimal designs and their advantages.

Quantifying uncertainty in reliability data analysis

Well-known reliability expert William Q. Meeker on the uptake of Bayesian methods for many applications and why practitioners use them.

The Cusum chart

José Ramírez introduces a new way in JMP to detect small changes in a process and track assignable causes.

A business perspective for analytics

The growth in analytics creates business challenges and opportunities. The Cranfield School of Management professor Stan Maklan looks at the possibilities.

Calling a spade a manual earth-restructuring implement

Chemistry World editor Adam Brownsell urges the scientific community to use clear language or risk further isolating and confusing the public.


Read about our most recent releases: JMP® 14 and JMP® Pro 14

Explore the latest enhancements – many of them requested by users themselves.


Procter & Gamble’s high-tech approach to everyday products

The largest and most profitable consumer goods company in the world relies on a culture of continuous improvement.

Bridgestone gains traction with statistics

The tire manufacturer is paving the way to new, high-performance rubber formulations

Engineering a world-wise student

Cal Poly undergrads prepare for competitive careers solving problems on cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary teams.

On the innovation circuit

Over 50 years, ASM has helped semiconductor manufacturers shrink and improve transistors for computers, smartphones and home electronics.

Citizen scientists collect data in their own backyards

Biologists and volunteers collaborate to create a rich understanding of biodiversity.

Biopharma leader goes global with clinical trial analytics

Medytox uses risk-based monitoring and reporting to limit costs and comply with regulatory policies.

‘JMP is our Swiss army knife’

Eastman Chemical Company statisticians constantly learn new ways to support innovation – and become more productive in the process.

Safeguarding China’s 1.37 billion citizens

Scientists at the National Institutes for Food and Drug Control use statistics to make timely, well-informed decisions about the products allowed to market.

Crop science for the modern world

Biotechnology leader Syngenta creates heartier seeds, increasing farm productivity without sacrificing biodiversity.

Confronting malaria, a public health imperative

A research team based at New York University Abu Dhabi unravels the mysteries of extremely large data sets related to the transmission of the disease.

A data revolution in marketing takes creativity to a new level

Brand agency J. Walter Thompson uses digital knowledge and analytics to measure marketing ROI and create better content.

A shining example of expert precision

Well-designed experiments position OLEDWorks as a pioneer, making it the first to manufacture OLED lighting panels in the US.

Proving the value of statistics

At Perrigo, statisticians are refining the company’s approach to pharmaceutical R&D.

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