JMP gradation

On-Demand Webinars

Statistically Speaking

Virtual keynote and panel conversations showcasing innovative organizations and their use of cutting-edge statistics.

Beyond Spreadsheets

This multi-part, live webinar series is designed to move your analytics processes out of the average spreadsheet and into the quick, dynamic analysis and visualization tools in JMP!

Technically Speaking

Case studies that demonstrate how to approach real-world data analysis problems.

Data Insight

This webinar series will show how to gain insight into the relationships in higher dimensional data using integrated data management, dynamic graphs and statistics to understand what your data is actually telling you.

Time to Innovate

Explore this series and learn how to discover insights in your data, reduce time to market, uncover and solve blind spots in processes.

Best Practices in Reliability Data Analysis

Statistical techniques for more profitable reliability insights.

Mastering JMP

Practical JMP techniques to address common analytic challenges.

Analytically Speaking

Thought-provoking interviews with leading experts in analytics.


In-depth explorations of analytic best practices and leading-edge data analysis concepts.

Building Better Models

Improve your models with modern predictive modeling techniques.