Meet JMP Education’s world-class instructors

JMP instructors are recognized both for their outstanding teaching skills and for their standing as thought-leaders in their area of instruction. Every JMP instructor has earned internationally recognized, industry credentials as a JMP Certified Professional and undergoes a rigorous internal certification, on a chapter-by-chapter basis, for each course they teach. They’re also very interesting people.

Monica Beals

Before joining JMP, Monica was a lecturer and biology laboratory instructor for the University of Tennessee, where she earned a PhD in ecology and evolutionary biology, and a master’s degree in statistics. She also had a two-year research assistantship for a project aimed at increasing undergraduate mathematical literacy through the biology curriculum, funded by the National Science Foundation. Monica began using JMP in 2001 and joined SAS in July 2007.

One of Monica’s students said: “Monica is very engaging, and I really like her style of teaching. She is interactive, responsive and treats all levels of questions with respect.”

Di Michelson

Di has been a JMP user since 1998, and now has the job of her dreams, teaching people to extract information from their data using JMP. She received a PhD in statistics in 1994 and an MS in mathematics in 1988 from Texas A&M University. Di has many years of experience as a statistician in the semiconductor industry. Her research interests include statistical process control and design of experiments, especially when data are auto-correlated, factors are random or other non-textbook situations occur.

One of Di’s students said: “Di is the best instructor I have ever experienced in my career. Her knowledge and experience make the course very valuable.”

Ruth Hummel

Ruth is the Senior Manager of Analytical Education for JMP. She develops curricula, teaches, and consults to help researchers and practitioners apply statistical methods and analytics to solving problems, predominantly in the health and life sciences. Prior to joining JMP in 2016, she worked at the US Environmental Protection Agency as the statistical expert for the risk assessment of toxic chemicals, and she taught and consulted at the Pennsylvania State University and at the University of Florida. Dr. Hummel is a co-author of Business Statistics and Analytics in Practice, 9th edition, a business statistics textbook emphasizing simple data mining techniques earlier in the standard curriculum, and JMP for Mixed Models, a practical guide on how to recognize and analyze data from experiments with sources of uncontrolled variation. She has a PhD in statistics from the Pennsylvania State University.

One of Ruth’s students said: “Excellent instructor. She was very patient and clear. Statistics was actually interesting and fun with Ruth.”

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