JMP® for Academic Administrative Use

Easy, interactive, and effective software to help you learn more from your institutional data.

JMP is a flexible, desktop data visualization and analysis package from SAS for Mac or Windows, designed for individual users. It empowers you to make informed data-based decisions, faster. 

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Easily gather, process, and clean data

Easily read from Microsoft Excel using the Excel Import Wizard, from text files using the Text Import Wizard, and pull data directly from ODBC-compliant databases using the interactive Query Builder. Whatever the format, JMP is ready.

JMP lets you quickly set up queries with multi-table joins, filters and table previews so you can get exactly the right subset to explore. Queries can be saved directly for reuse, updated from your imported data table, and shared. JMP eliminates unnecessary steps in accessing and shaping data for analysis so you can rapidly uncover patterns and trends to attract the best students and improve retention and graduation rates.

Make strategic data-informed decisions

JMP is a powerful statistical analysis tool available for both the mac and windows desktop. JMP includes comprehensive analytic capabilities for every institutional researcher. Easily access and consolidate historical data, and then analyze and model these data in JMP to gain insights into how to engage donors, alumni, friends and students to accomplish the vision, goals and plans of the university. 

With it's powerful interactive reports and profilers, JMP helps you effectively communicate simple or complex findings to stake holders and administrators who need to understand and act upon your findings. Model results generated by JMP can also be dynamically profiled in a mobile or desktop web browser.

Interactively visualize and share insights

JMP provides an extensive palette of graph types, an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, and the option to save a script to quickly reproduce any graph you create when you retrieve new data. JMP's visualizations can serve as individual building blocks of a more complex dashboard, and if you want to change the type of visualization at any point, even if it is in a dashboard, you can without having to recompile or publish anything and without bothering your IT department. 

Free Resources to Sharpen Your Analysis Skills

We’re working hard to create resources to learn both JMP and advanced analysis skills quickly and easily. Whether you have a background in statistical analysis, or are just getting started with data, our resources will help you learn how to quickly, easily, and effectively draw insights from your data.

How to Get JMP for Academic Administrative Use

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Need even more power? JMP Pro, the advanced version of JMP, is designed for more sophisticated desktop applications and problems. JMP Pro includes a comprehensive suite of predictive modeling tools, ideal for solving more challenging business problems.

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