JMP data visualization illustration - bubble plot

Mass Customization

Customize. Scale. Increase Efficiency.

  • Make JMP output the standard for the unique needs of your team, your division and your organization.
  • Customize everything – graphics, statistics, default views and more – to make JMP conform to the way you and your organization work, rather than the other way around.

Mass Customization With JMP: Highlighted Features

Scripts and Add-Ins


  • Share preferences
  • Save to preferences
  • Import preferences

Custom Menus

  • Custom Toolbars

Custom Themes (Custom Styles)

  • Colors
  • Fonts

Application Builder

At NXP, we all speak the same language. We’ve been able to develop a glossary of standardized terms and language around solving data analytics challenges using JMP.

Alex Pamatat
IT Solutions Manager, Advanced Analytics, NXP

The best discoveries start with JMP

JMP data visualization illustration - bubble plot

JMP® Analytic Capabilities

See everything that JMP® can do for you and your organization, from data access and cleaning, to exploration and visualization, all the way through sharing and communicating your results.

JMP Analytic Capabilities

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