From raw data to actionable insights in one end-to-end solution

Save time and effort

Easily access and import data from a variety of sources and quickly analyze and share your discoveries in one platform.

Remove barriers and complexity

Tackle problems of any size with our extensive suite of analytic platforms.

Get more from your investment

Increase efficiency without increasing head count and eliminate the need to have multiple tools that solve the same problems.

Build and automate repeatable workflows

Do you find yourself executing the same workflow manually every day? By capturing and recording interactive sessions to a script, the Workflow Builder saves you time, reduces the potential for errors, and makes reproducible analysis simple, clean and fast. 


JMP Workflow Builder

Workflows applied across the enterprise

A data infrastructure that supports efficient analytic workflows empowers organizations to more effectively share knowledge and best practices while tackling problems with data at scale.  With JMP, customizable workflows can be applied to meet the unique needs of individuals or teams across your entire enterprise, making data the common language everyone can speak.

The best discoveries start with JMP