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JMP® Pro

Predictive analytics software for scientists and engineers

As the pro version of JMP statistical discovery software, JMP Pro goes to the next level by offering all the capabilities of JMP plus advanced features for more sophisticated analysis, including predictive modeling and cross-validation techniques. Users can harness the power and speed of the supercomputer on their desk to explore and understand data in an easy-to-use interface.

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Build better models

Anyone can do a fair job of describing last year’s performance. But without the right predictive analytics tools, building a model to predict what will happen with new customers, new processes or new risks becomes much more difficult. JMP Pro offers a rich set of algorithms that lets you build better models of your data.

Improve your predictive models to help make better decisions

Enhance the power of your predictive models with various types of data, including unstructured text data you’ve collected – repair logs, engineering reports, customer survey response comments and more. You can use JMP Pro to organize and transform that data into usable additions to your predictive models, enabling more confident decision making.

Develop and manage your models more efficiently with a central modeling depot

Handling your models doesn’t have to be painful – JMP Pro makes it easy to manage your work when dealing with many models. You can store, profile, compare and generate code to add into other systems like SAS.

Use the most relevant statistical instruments to support your work

With JMP Pro, you have a collection of the most useful statistical instruments, curated by mathematicians and statisticians in JMP development. Users find what they need to analyze their data, without being overwhelmed by choices and without needing to program. Furthermore, through dynamically linked data, statistics and graphics, JMP Pro brings your investigations alive in 3-D plots or animated graphs, generating valuable new insights that simplify your explanations.

The Key Features of JMP® Pro

  • Predictive Modeling and Cross-Validation

    Use the JMP Pro set of rich algorithms to build and validate your models more effectively.

  • Model Screening and Comparison

    Build a variety of models and determine the best for the problem you are trying to solve.

  • Formula Depot and Score Code

    Organize your models and save model score code in the Formula Depot.

  • Connect to the Richness of SAS®

    Easily access the depth of SAS Analytics and data integration.

  • Modern Modeling

    Use new modeling techniques, including Generalized Regression, to build better models, even with challenging data.

  • Functional Data Analysis

    Create models of data that are functions, signals or series with Functional Data Explorer (FDE).

  • Reliability Block Diagrams

    Easily fix weak spots in your system and be better informed to prevent future system failures.

  • Repairable Systems Simulation

    Simulate system repair events to understand downtime and number and cost of repairable events.

  • Covering Arrays

    Design your experiment to maximize the probability of finding defects while minimizing cost and time.

  • Term Selection and Sentiment Analysis

    Use your unstructured data to identify terms associated with a response and explore basic sentiment.

  • Mixed Models

    Analyze data involving both time and space, where multiple subjects are measured or groups of variables are correlated.

  • Uplift Models

    Predict consumer segments most likely to respond favorably to an action, allowing targeted marketing decisions.

  • Advanced Computational Statistics

    Use exact statistical tests, exact non-parametric statistical tests and bootstrapping statistics.

  • Share and Communicate Results

    Share discoveries in dynamically linked data that comes alive in animated graphs, 3-D plots and interactive reports.