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Basic Analysis > Bivariate Analysis
Publication date: 07/30/2020

Bivariate Analysis

Examine Relationships between Two Continuous Variables

The Bivariate platform shows the relationship between two continuous variables. It is the continuous by continuous personality of the Fit Y by X platform. The word bivariate simply means involving two variables instead of one (univariate) or many (multivariate).

The Bivariate analysis results appear in a scatterplot. Each point on the plot represents the X and Y values for a single observation. In other words, each point represents two variables. Using the scatterplot, you can see at a glance the degree and pattern of the relationship between the two variables. You can interactively add other types of fits, such as simple linear regression, polynomial regression, and so on.

Figure 5.1 Example of Bivariate Analysis 


Example of Bivariate Analysis

Launch the Bivariate Platform

The Bivariate Plot

Fitting Options

Fitting Options
Fitting Option Categories
Fit the Same Option Multiple Times

Histogram Borders

Fit Mean

Fit Mean Report

Fit Line and Fit Polynomial

Linear Fit and Polynomial Fit Reports

Fit Special

Fit Special Reports and Menus


Fit Spline
Kernel Smoother
Fit Each Value

Fit Orthogonal

Orthogonal Fit Ratio Report


Fit Robust
Fit Cauchy

Density Ellipse

Correlation Report

Nonpar Density

Quantile Density Contours Report

Group By

Fitting Menus

Fitting Menu Options
Diagnostics Plots

Additional Examples of the Bivariate Platform

Example of the Fit Special Option
Example of the Fit Orthogonal Option
Example of the Fit Robust Command
Example of Group By Using Density Ellipses
Example of Group By Using Regression Lines
Example of Grouping Using a By Variable

Statistical Details for the Bivariate Platform

Fit Line
Fit Spline
Fit Orthogonal
Summary of Fit Report
Lack of Fit Report
Parameter Estimates Report
Smoothing Fit Reports
Correlation Report
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