JMP® Foreword

The statistical discovery magazine. From SAS.

Since 1989, JMP statistical discovery software has played a big role in helping some of the most brilliant – and forward-thinking – scientists and engineers around the world make the most of their data. In this issue you’ll find numerous examples of discoveries and innovations made possible by the evolution of technology over the past 30 years; stories that will be a source of inspiration for anyone incorporating data analysis in their day-to-day work, for anyone who believes that insights come to those who are willing to dig into the data.


Machine learning expedites high-tech innovation

Leading semiconductor manufacturer SK Hynix maintains a competitive edge with analytics for R&D and automation.

A new ecosystem for commercializing biology research

Synthetic biology startups conduct well-designed, reproducible experiments to demonstrate the viability of their ventures.

Mapping new frontiers in the infrared

Lynred’s fit-for-purpose infrared technology must withstand the extreme conditions in space.

Telefónica democratizes data-driven thinking

"Jam sessions” provide opportunities for multidisciplinary teams to compose innovative ideas.

A recipe fit for the modern consumer

Sensory analysis helps Kirin align its beverage portfolio to the evolving marketplace with the introduction of Hyoketsu, Japan's leading ready-to-drink cocktail.

When it comes to unstructured data, Text Explorer does the heavy lifting

Specialty truck manufacturer Oshkosh Corporation mines data from its 24/7 global customer support network.

Statistics at the center of the evolving pharma industry

NNE and Ferring Pharmaceuticals design and implement custom centralized statistical monitoring programs for clinical trials.

Driving the future of mobility

As vehicles rapidly evolve, NXP Semiconductors continually improves manufacturing and testing with advanced analytics.


What's new? JMP® 15 and JMP® Pro 15

See how the latest version of JMP offers richer exploration and data analysis and extends the possibilities for sharing results.

JMP® Live: Discovery, Delivered.

JMP Live is here, offering you a new way to collaborate across your organization. Explore data at the right time, any time. Share interactive reports. Connect your analyses with decision makers.


The unmeasurables

Exploring the subtleties of what it means to be human

by Vic Strecher

All charts are biased, but some are useful

by Nick Desbarats

Raking over the 21st-century muck heaps

by David Salsburg

The real work of data science

How to generate and benefit from information

by Ron. S Kenett

How to get JMP® to make you look like a magician

by Julia O'Neill

Could ‘supersaturated’ be the new superhero?

by Bradley Jones

Rethinking the statistics curriculum in the digital age

by Bernadette Lanciaux

What's the point?

Just pointing at something tells you about what you are pointing at

by John Sall