JMP visually and interactively performs advanced statistical analysis, predictive models, design of experiments (DOE), quality and process control, and more to help organizations understand and leverage their data.

JMP's easy information sharing capabilities also make engineering simpler, faster, and more efficient by ensuring everyone in your organization always has the same information and perspective. JMP's end-to-end analytical workflow enables engineers and scientists to improve efficiency at every step of the analytical process. Much of this is made possible through JMP Live, collaborative software for secure, enterprisewide knowledge sharing.

In this video, you'll see JMP Live in action through an interesting, real-life case study using building permit data. You'll learn how JMP Live allows you to publish visualizations, analyses and insights from multiple data sources so anyone in your organization can view and interact with them.

About the Presenter

Aurora Tiffany-Davis is a Principal Software Developer at JMP Statistical Discovery LLC, a SAS company. She is a member of the team that develops JMP Live, which enables sharing of interactive JMP reports.

Some of the JMP Live features she has worked on include publishing, downloading, nested folders, permissions, and control chart warnings. She holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from North Carolina State University.