Leveraging data across your organization

Leading organizations today share one thing in common: They have invested in a streamlined analytics workflow that enables them to move rapidly from data to decision. Increasingly, successful companies are learning that they are at their most innovative when working with fewer yet more sophisticated tools that democratize data access, standardize best practices, promote process improvements, reduce waste and focus on discovery.

JMP® provides a complete end-to-end analytics workflow with a deep bench of statistical tools that allows organizations to use data as a strategic resource – keeping innovation at the center of their business. In the hands of engineers, scientists and analysts across any organization, JMP helps maximize value while working lean.

Data Analysis Software

For stakeholders

Building consensus and fostering a data-driven environment are essential if value-adding improvements are to be scaled. But without the right tools, change agents often find it challenging to overcome institutional barriers and inefficiencies that stymie progress. JMP allows organizations to:

  • Get to market faster with consistent manufacturing. 
  • Have a single version of the truth across the organization.
  • Get the right information into the right hands at the right time.
  • Democratize data to more easily build a culture of analytics.

For scientists and engineers

JMP provides scientists and engineers, regardless of background or acumen, with a unified tool to solve complex problems, resulting in fewer cycles and a more predictable outcome.  With JMP, scientists and engineers are able to: 

  • Save time with the complete analytic workflow in one self-service platform.
  • Improve efficiency, transparency and communication across teams and departments.
  • Remove the complexity from modern, cutting-edge modeling techniques.
  • Increase the speed of analysis by automating routine, manual tasks or customize them to their unique business needs.

For data managers/IT

IT departments are often under pressure to deliver data management solutions that address the rapid increase in complexity and distribution of data while meeting ever-evolving business demands. JMP helps organizations by providing:

  • Flexible access to nearly any existing data source.
  • Easy-to-install desktop software with industry-standard deployments.
  • Tools built for independent, self-service and autonomous data analysis.
  • Remedy for having too many tools that solve the same problem.
Our engineers and scientists don't get paid to do statistics. We get paid to make recommendations and decisions.  Learn more
Ted Ellefson, Seagate
The big advantage of JMP [with its custom scripting language applications] is that users don’t need any additional software to solve even the most complex problems.  Learn more
Maria Lanzerath, W.L. Gore
JMP puts data [behind] the knowledge it brings to site management and departmental team discussions, removing the anecdotal [noise] and helping to derive continuous improvement and increase OEE.  
Stan Higgins, NEPIC
There's a direct impact on our costs of good sold.  Learn more
Bernard Goguelet, Parker LORD

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