Our free integrated add-in lets you seamlessly run Torch within JMP Pro, eliminating the need for Python or other complex wrapper languages.

Dive into your data analysis like never before, as you and your team explore the incredible deep learning capabilities within JMP, no coding expertise required!

How does deep learning affect your industry?

Deep learning in the semiconductor industry serves a multitude of functions, ranging from process optimization and defect detection to chip design, predictive maintenance, materials discovery, and supply chain optimization. Its implementation significantly boosts efficiency, elevates quality control standards, and fosters innovation throughout the semiconductor production cycle.

In the pharmaceutical sector, deep learning optimizes research and development workflows, enhances drug efficacy, and expedites the introduction of novel therapies to patients. Leveraging natural language processing tools and neural networks, alongside image recognition technology, enables faster and more precise analysis of data.

What to expect in this on-demand webinar?

Our systems engineer will demonstrate practical case studies using the Torch add-in function, enabling you to explore text, image, and tabular models with ease. Learn how JMP's exclusive features, like K-fold cross-validation, can enhance your data analysis capabilities.

Key Topics:

  • Application of deep machine learning
  • Case studies demonstrating the use of Torch add-in function
  • Utilization of JMP's exclusive features for data analysis

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