Analytically Speaking

A Case for Sophisticated Data Analytics in Process-Enabling Industries

With Stan Higgins

In the era of big data and a growing interest in Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, the pressure to innovate is especially strong in the process-enabling industries. Acclaimed chemist and advocate for renewables Stan Higgins says the drive to make products mores sustainable – and do so through more sustainable processes – is driving engineers to ask how to optimize factory data to show value capture.

But what is the best way for companies to navigate the sea of data points they measure every day? Higgins argues the case for more sophisticated data analytics in process manufacturing, noting that process knowledge and robust methods affect both the company’s bottom line and its ability to serve its customers.

In this video:
  • Deconstructing the internal and external pressures to innovate in the process-enabling industries.
  • Becoming more predictive about experimentation with robust statistics.
  • Using data to improve operations through data-driven monitoring and predictive modeling.
  • Making sense of Industry 4.0 and linking product performance to the marketplace.
  • Exploring how software can help you see critical points in a sea of factory data.

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