JMP Speaker

Wendy Tseng

JMP Senior Systems Engineer, SAS

Christian Stopp

Wendy Tseng is a Senior Systems Engineer for JMP. Her focus is in helping engineers, scientists and business analysts further advance the impact they make in their projects, organizations and fields. As a JMP user and champion at Procter & Gamble in Hair Care R&D, she saw the impact of teaching JMP to engineers and scientists: more innovation, increased understanding, adaptability to market changes and speed to market.

Prior to joining JMP, Tseng consulted with companies across many verticals – manufacturing, retail, restaurants and financial institutions – as a consultant at Teradata and Mastercard Advisors. Her undergraduate degree is in biomedical engineering, and she was an R&D engineer for several years in the medical device industry before transitioning to a career in analytics after obtaining her MS in applied statistics. She has extensive experience in retail and CPG as an analyst at Target and Procter & Gamble, respectively.