Successful companies in Chemical, Biotech, Life-Sciences, High-tech and Consumer Product Goods process industries apply statistical methods to accelerate innovation and reduce production cost. Explore this series of industry led papers webinars to learn how to discover insights in your data, reduce time to market, uncover and solve blind spots in processes.

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Roche: Fine-tuning the tools of quality health care

Roche provides biosensors that allow health care professionals to get bedside readings of the quality of a patient’s blood. JMP® statistical discovery software helps Roche produce more finely tuned devices.


The Art of Statistics - How to learn from data

In The Art of Statistics David Spiegelhalter shows us how to extract knowledge from raw data, think critically (like a statistician) and explains why a basic grasp of statistical literacy is more important than ever if we hope to separate fact from fiction. Read a free chapte. 

Customer Story

Synthace accelerates R&D by lowering barriers to automated experiments

Synthace’s cloud-based platform Antha® enables automation of design of experiments (DOE) to optimize complex biological processes and assays. 

White Paper

Big Data, Pharma 4.0 and Process Modeling

A lot has been written about Industry 4.0, including that it will create a “smart factory” and make systems more flexible to enable mass customization of manufactured products

CHEManager On Demand Webinar

The Culture of Analytics at Johnson Matthey

Why is it important to use analytics company-wide? How can an analytic company culture be achieved? What is the role of subject matter knowledge of scientists and engineers? In this interview, Pilar Gomez-Jimenez, principal scientist at Johnson Matthey, and Daniel Valente, Product Manager at JMP Software by SAS, talk to Ralf Kempf about the benefits and challenges of creating an analytical company culture.

Chemistry World On-Demand Webinar

A recipe for success in exploiting machine learning and data science

Join us to discover how data science and big data are revolutionising decision making – and why claims that experts are no longer needed are misleading  With author David Hand.

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