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JMP meets you where you need it to be.

We know your team has specific analytic requirements. And your organization needs reliable, cost-optimized, secure applications. When modern virtualization technology is coupled with options to extend JMP, you can have both.

Extend your access

  • Teams are empowered to access data from a variety of sources easily.
  • Prevent analytic challenges from impeding business decisions.
  • Focus on problem-solving with interactive data access rather than queries and code.

Extend your efficiency

  • Give your most challenging data analysis problems all the computing resources you need with increased efficiency, governance, and security.
  • Preserve a consistent, effective user experience wherever JMP is deployed.
  • Start with your software requirements and then provision only the resources you need.

Extend your reach

  • Publish data, dashboards, or reports quickly to JMP Live, where teams can collaborate using the simplicity of a web browser. 
  • Amplify your work across the enterprise with highly visual reports of your analysis.
  • Automate regular reports to align everyone in your organization with a single version of the truth, even when new data becomes available.

Extend your possibilities

  • Combine the SAS, R, Python, or MATLAB code you already use with JMP to handle your unique analytic needs.
  • Build completely customized add-ins, scripts, and automation routines to share with future users.
  • Expand JMP as your analytics needs change, using the advanced data exploration tools in JMP Pro to solve bigger and more challenging analytic problems.  
  • Extend the reach of core data science groups to your broader science and engineering community, allowing them to use their expertise to create business value rather than programming.

Dear IT: How JMP fits into your enterprise application strategy

Designing for cost vs. quality of service is often at odds with each other. However, JMP is more than a desktop application and can remain the language of analytic thinking while aligning with enterprise application and deployment strategies and goals.

Proven software for thousands of organizations that have adopted JMP for their workforce and empowered their best problem solvers, JMP is easy to install, run, maintain, and configure. And once in place, JMP is designed for self-service.

Course Materials

Extend the value of JMP for your organization.