Companies today collect more data than ever before – and that volume is growing thanks to in-line sensors and other advanced measurement systems that often have different periodicities. But the sole fact that companies capture this information doesn’t necessarily mean they know what to do with it. Traditional spreadsheet methods that may have been common in the era of Industry 3.0 are now insufficient or even detrimental to a healthy, up-to-date analytics strategy.

Throughout the lifetime of a product or service, we aim to increase our competitive edge by increasing quality and reducing product costs. And predictive analytics can help sift through the data to identify and fix maintenance or performance issues before they happen, thereby lowering waste (or what is known as the hidden factory).

In this recording of a live seminar, you will learn how to use predictive analytics to:

  • Gain rapid insights into the health of your equipment.
  • Reduce maintenance costs and increase up-time.
  • Exploit data from non-destructive testing and experimentation.
  • Predict and resolve pending equipment component failures.
  • Maintain high performance.

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