Importing Data

Raw genomics data comes in a variety of flavors and formats. Data often is contained in simple text files, either tab or comma delimited. Other times data is contained within proprietary-formatted files and tables. The first task in performing a genomics analysis with JMP PRO is to assemble the data into a JMP table. Fortunately, JMP is able to recognize many of the formats used by Genomic scientists to collect and report their data. These include a variety of text (.txt, .tsv, .csv, .bed, .gff, .gff3, .gtf, .mtx, and .vcf) and binary (.idat) formats.

The following chapters walk you through the import and formatting of a variety of genomics data sets into a JMP table that can then be used for analysis.:

Importing Basic Text Files

Importing Series Matrix Files

Importing VCF Files

Importing MTX Files

Importing Data from IDAT Files