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Using JMP > Enter and Edit Data
Publication date: 07/30/2020

Enter and Edit Data

Perform Basic Data Table Tasks

After you import data into JMP or create a new data table, you can format your data to prepare it for analysis.

This chapter contains the following information:

Change formatting for numeric values

Add, delete, and select rows and columns

Use the Row Editor to navigate within rows and edit rows

Create scripts that are saved to the data table

Figure 4.1 The Rows and Cols Menus 


Enter Data

Copy and Paste Data
Add Rows
Add Columns
Fill Columns with Sequential Data
Replace Missing Values with Previous Values
Enter Cell Formulas

Select Rows

Find Matching Cells
Select Rows That Contain Specific Values
Locate the Next Selected Row

Select Columns

Select Columns in a Data Table
Select Columns in the Columns Viewer
Locate Next and Previously Selected Columns

Resize Rows and Columns

Organize Data

Delete Rows and Columns
Rearrange Columns
Group Columns
Move Values
Color Cells
Edit or Delete Cells
Edit Column Names
Hide and Exclude Rows
Exclude Rows
Hide Rows
Exclude Columns
Hide Columns
View Patterns of Missing Data
Find and Replace Cell Values
Use the Row Editor to Edit Cells in a Row
Pop-Up Menus for Rows and Columns
Compare Data Tables

Assign Characteristics to Rows and Columns

How to Find Rows and Columns Options
Label Rows and Columns
Assign Colors or Markers to Rows
Create Color Themes
Delete Custom Color Themes
Select Matching Row State Cells
Delete Row Characteristics
Lock Columns in Place

Restructure Data

Make a Column into Multiple Columns
Make Indicator Columns
Combine Columns
Compress Selected Columns
Make Binning Formula
Convert Labels to Codes and Codes to Labels
Make a New Formula Column
Transform Columns
Recode Data

Edit the Data Table

Change Table Names
Lock Tables
Compress Tables
Use Table Variables
Create and Save Scripts
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