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Publication date: 07/30/2020

Save and Share Your Work

Save and Re-create Results

Once you have generated results from your data, JMP provides you with multiple ways to share your work with others. Here are some of the ways that you can share your work:

Saving platform results as journals, projects, or web reports

Saving results, data tables, and other files in projects

Saving scripts to reproduce results in data tables

Saving results as Interactive HTML (.htm, html)

Saving results as a PowerPoint presentation (.pptx)

Sharing results in a dashboard

Figure 7.1 Example of a Web Report 


Save Platform Results in Journals

Example of Creating a Journal
Add Analyses to a Journal

Create a Project

Create a New Project
Save Files in a Project
Move Files to a Project
Share the Project

Save and Run Scripts

Example of Saving and Running a Script
About Scripts and JSL

Save Reports as Interactive HTML

Interactive HTML Contains Data
Example of Creating Interactive HTML

Create a Web Report

Save a Report as a PowerPoint Presentation

Create Dashboards

Example of Combining Windows
Example of Creating a Dashboard with Two Reports
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