December, 2002

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See JMP For Linux at LinuxWorld Expo!

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Cover Story: See JMP For Linux at LinuxWorld Expo!


JMP for Linux is set to make its public debut at the LinuxWorld East Expo in New York City, January 21-24, 2003. If you'd like to get your first glimpse of this new product-in-the-making, we welcome you to visit us at Booth 114 for a brief demonstration.

"We're going to be showing a pre-Beta version of the software," said Richard Potter, lead developer for JMP host platforms, "so it won't be as polished as the Macintosh and Windows versions currently in release. But we are going to demonstrate some of the key features of JMP, such as real-time data capture, ODBC support, DOE (Design of Experiments), and JSL (JMP Scripting Language). We've had such a tremendous response from Linux users to our website survey, that we wanted to give those users a chance to see how the product is coming along."

JMP Version 5 for Linux

JMP for Linux will contain the same features as its Windows and Macintosh counterparts, but with a Linux look and feel to the GUI (Graphical User Interface).


In an effort to incorporate the capabilities most needed by the Linux audience, JMP has developed a survey that asks users for feedback on topics such as database support, real-time data capture and preferred packaging for a statistical application, just to name a few examples. This survey can be found at


Recorded JMP Webinars Now Available

Miss a JMP webinar, or just don't have the time to sit in on a live one? JMP now offers pre-recorded versions of the following webinars, available 24/7 on the JMP website:

• DOE: Design of Experiments for Tailored Experimental Design
• Introduction to JMP Version 5

In addition, we also offer "Getting Started with the JMP Demo," a brief overview of how to launch the JMP 5 demo and run a simple analysis. Visit the Recorded JMP Presentations page to view them. Currently, the presentations can only be viewed in Microsoft Windows and Mac OS 9. We plan to offer Mac OS X versions in the coming months.

JMP International Training

Need JMP training outside of the US? We've recently added a new page to the JMP website listing the International JMP Training Locations. These are international SAS offices that offer some form of JMP Training, anywhere from a full course load to customized, onsite training. The listings also contain a link to the training page on each country's website, which you can follow for course schedules, contact information, and more.

Discount Licensing and FREE Training Materials for Academics

Need a cost-effective tool for teaching statistics in your classroom? JMP has the answer with two new annual licensing programs for qualifying colleges and universities:

• Departmental/School License
• Campus-wide License

Both of these programs are for an unlimited number of users (students and faculty) and are available at a discount price.

In addition, SAS Higher Education Consulting provides FREE JMP course materials to universities via our Academic Trainer's program. The program kits include an electronic copy of the materials we use in JMP courses (PowerPoint files, PDF files for printing, DOC files, and data).

To learn more about the value of JMP’s Campus and Departmental Annual Licensing, visit us on the Web at

JMP V5 Training Available in 2003

Take advantage of the latest training options available for JMP software users. Starting in January 2003, eight new JMP Version 5 classes will be publicly available. These courses will be taught at SAS regional training centers across the United States. Of course, any of these courses can be taught on-sight at your organization. For details about these new V5 courses offered, take a look at the JMP Training web site where you can download a copy of the latest JMP Training Brochure.

Upcoming Webinars

Tailored Experimental Designs
Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Introduction to JMP Version 5
Friday, February 14

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Upcoming Trade Shows
& SAS User Groups

MacWorld West
January 7-10, 2003
San Francisco, CA

LinuxWorld East
January 21-24, 2003
New York, NY

Six Sigma for SW Developers
January 23-24, 2003
San Jose, CA

ASQ Six Sigma Conference
January 27-28, 2003
Indian Wells, CA

View the complete list.

Learn More About JMP & Six Sigma

Six Sigma is taking American industry by storm. Want to learn more about it? Download the special Six Sigma Edition of JMPer Cable, our print newsletter that is mailed to all registered JMP users (you can also download PDF copies from our website). This entire issue is dedicated to Six Sigma topics, from training to implementation.

Update Your Bookmarks to JMP.COM, Our New URL!

In an effort to make it easier to find us on the web, we have purchased the "" domain. Our previous URL, "," will continue to function, but only as a redirect. If you've been to our website recently, you may have noticed that you were automatically sent to "" As we embark on updating all of our literature, ads, and more to the new domain, you'll still see the old URL for some time to come. Please update your bookmark to our new, official web site address.

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