October, 2003

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JMP 5.1 – Advanced Data Analysis and Visualization for Statistical Discovery

JMP IN 5.1 Coming in Early 2004

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Six Sigma Training Courses Now Available

Exploratory Data Analytic Modeling Course Coming to New York

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DOE: A Powerful Analytical Tool

JMP Tip: Select All Points in a JMP Graph at Once

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Friday, November 14, 2003

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Cover Story:
JMP 5.1 – Advanced Data Analysis and Visualization for Statistical Discovery

Coming in 4Q 2003! New users can purchase JMP 5.1 for $995* and discover JMP’s speed, power, and ease of use. Registered users of JMP Version 5.x can upgrade for only $150*.

JMP 5.1 continues the 14-year tradition of providing innovative, high-quality analytical solutions for identifying new opportunities, developing new products, and increasing quality. The new version of JMP supports Linux to increase your operating system choices. It includes a variety of new statistical platforms that extend your data visualization and modeling capabilities, a powerful new Design of Experiments (DOE) platform that increases experimental design options, and Six Sigma enhancements for measuring, analyzing, improving, and controlling critical business processes. READ MORE

* Prices in U.S. dollars, valid in U.S. and Canada for Version 5 registered users only. Please have your registration number when calling to upgrade.

Six Sigma Training Courses Now Available

JMP is pleased to announce the offering of Six Sigma training courses taught by our partners and customers.

The North Carolina State University Industrial Extension Service, in Raleigh, NC, offers Six Sigma Black Belt Training using JMP software. Courses include Capability Analysis and Measurement Systems Analysis, Anova and Regression, Design of Experiments, and Control Charts.

Thomas A. Little Consulting, of Santa Clara, CA, offers Six Sigma Black Belt Training using JMP as their analytic software and iGrafx for process modeling. Courses include Six Sigma Executive Overview, Six Sigma for Champions, and Six Sigma for Black Belts with individual sessions devoted to each stage of the DMAIC process.

For a complete schedule and links for registration, please visit the Training from JMP Partners & Customers page on the JMP website.

JMP IN 5.1 Coming in Early 2004

There’s a new and improved JMP® academic product -- JMP IN®. JMP IN 5.1 provides the same set of powerful analytics as JMP 5.1 Professional Edition, and at a more affordable price – only $79.95*. JMP IN will be available exclusively to the academic market.

JMP IN 5.1 will be released in early 2004. Customers that have purchased JMP academic since January 2003 may be eligible for a free copy of JMP IN 5.1 at the time of release. JMP IN 5.1 will initially be distributed and supported by Duxbury/Thomson Learning.

JMP IN is an intelligent, visual, interactive, and easy-to-use desktop application that allows students to learn statistical concepts quickly, and for instructors to spend more time teaching statistics and less time on software instruction. READ MORE

* Prices in U.S. dollars, valid in U.S. and Canada only.

Exploratory Data Analytic Modeling Course Coming to New York

Dorian Pyle, author of Data Preparation for Data Mining and Business Modeling and Data Mining, has teamed with SAS to offer a new Business Knowledge Series course, Exploratory Data Analytic Modeling.

In this three-day course, you will learn new techniques for using JMP and new ways of using JMP to explore and characterize business data, expanding its utility as a key business analytics tool. Upon completing this course, you will be able to expand your use of JMP into a whole new range of business analysis, taking away effective new skills for exploring business data and for discovering new and potentially valuable business actionable insights. This course will show you how JMP can be used to effectively analyze and gain insights into larger datasets consisting of up to hundreds of variables and many thousands of records. Learn how and why JMP can be used as your tool of first resort in analyzing data!

Register now for the Nov. 10th course in New York, NY!

DOE: A Powerful Analytical Tool

By Christopher Nachtsheim, University of Minnesota, and Bradley Jones, SAS Institute Inc. From the August 2003 issue of Six Sigma Forum. Reprinted with Permission.

Active Manipulation of Variables Makes DOE a Black Belt's Best Bet

The success stories compiled by early adopters of the Six Sigma approach to business problem solving are impressive, spanning industries from high tech manufacturing to service providers and companies from the Fortune 100 to fast food franchises.

Six Sigma’s power comes from its integration of the team based approach, customer orientation, financial motivation and assessment, tangible rewards for success, qualitative and statistical tools, and focus on short duration, high impact projects. READ MORE

JMP Tip: Select All Points in a JMP Graph at Once

Need to select all of the points on a graph? Rather than trying to select them all individually, just use Ctrl-A (Windows) or Command-A (Macintosh) to select them all at once. This time-saving feature is very useful, such as when you are giving a presentation and need to make the point size larger.

Share Your JMP Story

Do you have a great story to tell about how JMP has helped you and your company save time, money or resources? If so, we'd love to hear about it! JMP is looking for energetic people to share their successes with others at planned JMP conferences and events. For you this will provide an opportunity to network with others in your industry and share information about how your company has made significant improvements using JMP. For JMP it provides a frontline example of how our customers use the product on a daily basis. If you're interested in a speaking opportunity, please complete our request form.

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