December, 2003

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JMP Extends Statistical Analysis Software to Linux Community

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New Scripts in JMP Script Library

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Applying Benford’s Law

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Cover Story:
JMP Extends Statistical Analysis Software to Linux Community

Platform speed, economic advantage and a fast adoption rate promise JMP® for Linux popularity

CARY, N.C. (Dec. 1, 2003) – JMP, a business unit of SAS, builds flexibility into its latest version of software, JMP® 5.1, by porting the desktop statistical analysis tool to Linux. Users can now choose the operating system (Windows, Macintosh or Linux) that best meets their needs.

JMP software dynamically links statistical analysis with graphics, allowing users to explore their data visually and discover patterns that help them make decisions that drive product and process improvements. JMP runs on a variety of Linux implementations, including Red Hat, Red Hat Advanced Server, SuSE, Mandrake and United. Annual licenses and single-user copies of JMP for Linux are available.

“Our goal is to satisfy the user preference,” said Richard Potter, lead developer for JMP host platforms. “Feedback told us that Linux adopters would benefit from a sophisticated stats package, so we listened and made it happen.” READ MORE

Start Saving with a JMP Group Annual License

Does your organization require multiple copies of JMP, for five users or more? Wouldn’t you like to receive full value and benefits at the lowest possible costs?

The smart choice in licensing JMP for multiple users is the JMP Group Annual License program, which gives you the maximum value at the lowest cost. This is offered as our reward program for users that have a dedicated group or corporate-wide commitment to JMP. READ MORE

Web Spotlight: JMP Software Tutorials

This feature spotlights other sites on the web that contain information about JMP software.

If you're looking for more information on JMP, beyond what you can already find on the JMP website, you can't do better than Tutorials for SAS's JMP Statistical Analysis Software, created by Ramón V. León, Associate Professor, the Statistics Department, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, a JMP user since 1992.

León said he created the tutorials because "I wanted my students to be able to learn to use JMP without my having to spend class time doing it. When they are first using JMP, the tutorials beat -- in my opinion -- live demos since there is a permanent record of every step taken in JMP. I have been very successful using the tutorials this way."

Asked what he liked best about JMP, León answered, "The logic of inference on which it is based. Also the fact that the graphs and the data table are dynamically connected."

FREE JMP Articles for Your Website or Newsletter

Need JMP-related content for your website or newsletter? You can reprint any article from JMP Newswire (our email newsletter), JMPer Cable (our print newsletter), or the JMP website FREE of charge. All we ask is that you credit us at the end of each article. What could be easier? READ MORE

Applying Benford’s Law

By Meredith Blackwelder, JMP Development

This article appears in the current issue of JMPer Cable, our printed newsletter, available on the JMP website.

In 1881, an astronomer named Simon Newcomb examined logarithm tables and noticed that the first pages of the book -- pages containing logarithms that begin with the digit one -- were worn more than the remaining pages. In 1938, a physicist at the General Electric Company named Frank Benford saw the same phenomenon. He took it a step further and analyzed 20,229 sets of numbers, including baseball statistics, numbers in magazine articles, the areas of rivers, and the street addresses of the first 342 people in the book American Men of Science. He found that although all unrelated, the same first-digit probability pattern he found in the worn pages of logarithm tables was present in all the sets of numbers he investigated. He discovered that the number one was the first digit about 30 percent of the time, more often than any other. READ MORE

New Scripts in JMP Script Library

Six new scripts have been added to the JMP Script Library. These scripts are available to all registered Single-Copy Users and Annual License users for instructional purposes. When you visit the JMP Script Library, click on each link to view the full description, view the data requirements, and to download the script.

  • ContScaledColoredBubblePlot
  • GrubbsOutlierTest
  • LiveDataFeed
  • NonCentralTDistribution
  • OneDimScatterPlot
  • DistanceBetween2Locations

JMP Tip: JMP Keyboard Shortcuts

Want an easier method to run a script, journal a report, or select multiple platform options? The JMP website now features a table that lists Keyboard Shortcuts to perform a host of JMP functions. The table categories are as follows:

  • Data Tables
    • Basic Commands
    • Searching, Finding, and Replacing
    • Navigating with the Highlight
  • Window Commands

  • Reports

    • General

    • Distribution Histograms

    • LS Means Plots

    • Overlay Plots

    • Pareto Plots

    • Profilers

    • Spinning Plots

    • Survival Analyses

    • t-tests

  • Layout Commands

  • Formula Editor Functions

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