JMP Foreword. The statistical discovery magazine. From SAS.

Scientists, engineers, researchers and many others are playing detective, following clues to new breakthroughs. They are using statistical techniques to actively search for answers in their data. With the help of JMP software, they are interacting with and visualizing their data on the desktop – with confidence that the statistics at its core are sound. This magazine showcases some of their stories and the discoveries that are changing the world.


Big statistics will force us to change our ways
What should you do differently when the problem is big? SAS Co-Founder and Executive Vice President John Sall tackles the question and offers 10 things to think about when looking for software.

Right-sizing a model: Bigger is not usually better
You could say that JMP’s Russ Wolfinger and Clay Barker are model developers. They’re also experts at variable selection and knowing how to not overfit a model.

Mining customer loyalty
Where once marketers were flying blind, they can now see exactly where their programs are going. Via a retail case study, the University of Michigan’s Peter Lenk demonstrates the power of mining data from customer loyalty programs.

Numbers never speak for themselves
The University of Miami’s Alberto Cairo dismisses well-intentioned maxims in data visualization and offers insights to improve the appeal and effectiveness of communicating numbers.

Definitive screening designs in JMP® 11
“I hauled my personal, portable catapult all the way to Antwerp,” writes Chris Nachtsheim. Find out why he thought it was a good idea to arm doctoral students with a catapult to tackle definitive screening designs.

A Q&A approach to optimal DOE
Authors and DOE gurus Peter Goos and Bradley Jones chat about improving products through design of experiments with JMP 11.


Discover JMP® 11
JMP champions and novice users alike will want to see this latest release in action.

Do you need JMP® Pro?
If you’re not yet thinking about advanced analytics, you will be.


BASF confidence
Relying on JMP, chemists create a clean alternative to phosphates.

A model airline
Lufthansa, Europe’s largest airline, uses statistical models to match services with passenger preferences.

Sports in perspective
Data Stadium, Japan’s leading sports information provider, chooses JMP for data analysis.

Empowering people to improve, innovate
From Grenoble, France, Soitec strives for continual improvement and speeds up innovation in the manufacture of semiconductor materials.

US Marines use analytics to save billions, win Rist Prize
In the public sector, predictive modeling with JMP Pro forecasts equipment losses.

Breakthroughs lead to clean energy
Bloom Energy introduces fuel cell technology inspired by Mars, enabled by JMP.

What’s behind door No. 2?
Boston University students learn probability with JMP add-ins.

If the track FITs
WildTrack’s foundation for saving endangered species: Footprint Identification Technique.

Healthier crops for greater yield
With JMP Genomics, General Mills bioscientists experience synergies and efficiencies.

Whirlpool spins a culture of analytics
JMP helps analysts improve processes and products companywide.

From Qing to Six Sigma
Cigna and CMC Life Insurance Co. analyzes data to establish operational improvement.