Business Statistics

Course Materials

This page provides course materials for teaching business statistics. More resources can be found in other courses, for instance in Regression Modeling or Predictive Modeling here

Teaching Business Statistics with JMP

See JMP capabilities for data exploration and statistics, providing the most interactive and visual approach to business statistics and decision making.

Contact the JMP Academic Team.

Case Studies

Business statistics case studies were developed with Marlene Smith at the UC Denver Business School.

JMP Scripts and Add-Ins

Teaching Scripts

  • Interactive Teaching Modules Add-In (Download)

    10 teaching modules, packaged into a single add-in. Ideal for teaching core statistical concepts: sampling distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing for means and proportions, plus probability distributions, regression, and t-Test and ANOVA.

    You can also run these modules directly from JMP: Help > Sample Data > Teaching Resources >Teaching scripts > Interactive Teaching Modules.  In JMP Student Edition they are directly available from Help > Teaching Demos.

  • Statistics Calculator Add-in (Download) (View in Community)

    This add-in provides calculators for confidence intervals, hypothesis tests, and sample size for means and proportions, using either summary statistics or raw data; Ideal for exploring how the width of confidence intervals change, how test results change, or how the calculated sample size changes as different input values are used.

    Several of these calculators are also directly available in JMP: Help > Sample Data > Teaching Resources > Calculators.  In JMP Student Edition they are directly available from Help > Calculators.

Additional scripts for teaching regression can be found on the JMP User Community or in the JMP Sample Scripts directory - go to Help > Sample Data, then click on the Open the Sample Scripts button.

Course Materials from the JMP Education Team at SAS*

*Use of these complementary materials is strictly limited to course use at degree granting academic institutions.  

Complete the Teaching Material Request form to request JMP teaching materials from SAS (scroll down, click on the link to request teaching materials, enter your SAS Profile, then scroll down to see a listing of JMP courses available for download).

e-Learning Courses

JMP e-Learning Courses

*Complementary materials available to qualified instructors for academic course use. The complete collection of complementary e-learning courses can be found here.

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