JMP Software Maintenance Updates

The maintenance downloads provided on this page will update an installed copy of JMP to the most recent maintenance level. You’ll find updaters for the annual license and single-user versions of JMP. Note that single-user licenses are not available after JMP 14. Use the instructions below to make sure you download the appropriate updater.

Major software releases are managed by your site software administrator. For more information on the most current JMP software release, click here.

Users from e-academy should download the single-user update.

Am I JMP Single User or Annual License User?

The easiest way to make sure you download the correct update is to let JMP check for you.

When JMP is running, go to the JMP Updates pane in the Preferences panel and click the “Check Now” button. JMP will check for an available update and take you to the appropriate download. Please consider turning on the “Check for Updates” preference to have JMP automatically check for updates.

Alternatively, you can determine which type of license you have. When JMP is running, from the JMP Help menu (Help > About JMP > User on Windows; JMP > About JMP on Mac), you will see:

  • Site ID and License Expiration Date if you are an annual license holder.
  • Serial Number if you are a single-user license holder.

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