JMP® Users Groups

Die erfolgreichsten JMP-Anwender sind häufig auch die am besten vernetzten. Wissenschaftler, Ingenieure und weitere Datenforscher schließen sich mit Kollegen und Gleichgesinnten innerhalb und außerhalb ihres Unternehmens zusammen, um bewährte Praktiken bei der Datenexploration auszutauschen und um von ihren Fachkollegen zu lernen..

JMP Users Community

Diskussionsforum der DACH User Group auf der JMP Community


Benefits of Joining a Users Group

Users groups give you the opportunity to enhance your presentation skills in the comfortable environment of peer meetings and practice your management skills by taking on leadership roles.

Users group members also:

    • Enjoy discounted registration fees to Discovery Summit conferences around the world. You qualify for a discount if you attended the most recent meeting of your local or internal users group, or attended a meeting in the previous quarter. Attendance at the most recent meeting of The Virtual JMP Users Group also qualifies you for the discount.
    • Learn about new JMP products, capabilities and services as soon as they become available.
    • Have opportunities for one-on-one interaction with JMP technical experts and software developers to influence future direction of the product.
    • Expand your use of JMP by learning new coding and analysis techniques.
    • Find out what techniques peers are using to solve their toughest problems.

    Getting Started With a Users Group

    Check the list of established users groups to see if there is one that you would like to join.

    If there is no users group in your area or focused on your special interest, we can help you start one.

    How do we help? By finding motivated JMP users to work with you to launch the group and by identifying other JMP users in the area who might like to attend your groups meetings.

    Contact Maria Astals for more information and check out our JMP Users Group Leaders Guide for details.

    Resources for Established Users Groups

    JMP recognizes many kinds of users groups and offers resources to help them grow and remain active.

    Users groups can get help with

    • Agenda creation.
    • Scheduling JMP experts to present at meetings.
    • Finding meeting locations.
    • Sharing best practices from other successful groups.

    View the JMP Users Group Leaders Guide for details.