Resources for Consumer Packaged Goods Industry


Design of Experiments

Actively manipulate factors according to a pre-specified design to quickly and easily gain useful, new understanding.


Stability and Shelf Life Analysis

Explore and establish expiration dating and easily calculate confidence limits and crossing times.  ICH adherence guidelines for regulated products are built in.


Measurement Systems Analysis

Analyze and understand the capability of your measurement systems.  Uncover lurking sources of variation.


Statistical Process Control

Separate common and special causes of variation to assist in analyzing your processes, including problem investigation, out-of-control conditions and ongoing monitoring for stability.


Robust Process Optimization

Find the sweet spot in your process where performance is minimally sensitive to variation for all critical quality attribute (CQA) goals.


Promotional Offering Response Analysis

Learn what demographic groups respond positively, and maybe more important, negatively to promotional product offerings for better targeted offerings in the future.


Customer Stories