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Essential Graphing > Graph Builder
Publication date: 07/30/2020

Graph Builder

Create and Explore Graphs

Use Graph Builder to explore multidimensional relationships easily and flexibility. You can quickly create and modify plots using Graph Builder’s interactive interface. Select the variables that you want to graph and drag and drop them into zones.

Use Graph Builder to do the following:

Graph data in a multitude of ways, including line charts, bar charts, histograms, maps, contour plots, and many more.

Experiment by changing the graph type with the click of a button.

Compare groups with overlays or trellis layouts.

Examine and illustrate relationships between several variables of different modeling types.

Use color to highlight aspects of your data.

This chapter shows you how to use Graph Builder to work with plots. For detailed examples using Graph Builder, see Graph Builder Examples .

Figure 3.1 Example Using Graph Builder 


How to Use Graph Builder

About the Graph Builder Window

Example of Features in Graph Builder

Move or Remove Variables in Zones

Work with Axes

Merge Variables on a Common Axis
Create Separate Axes in the X and Y Zones
Create a Second Y Axis
Create Nested Axes for Character Variables
Order the Levels of a Categorical Variable

Element Types and Options

Line of Fit
Box Plot
Red Triangle Options for Histogram
Red Triangle Options for Mosaic
Red Triangle Options for Caption Box
Red Triangle Options for Formula

Graph Zones

Categorical and Continuous Variables in Group X or Y Zones
Move Group X and Group Y Labels

Red Triangle Options

Graph Builder Buttons

Right-Click Menus

Graph Options
Grouping Zones Options
Options for Columns in the Variables Panel
Options for Axes, Variable Labels, or Graph Titles
Options for the Dividing Line between Multiple Graphs
Legend Options
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