Built for statistical empowerment

JMP for Students

The JMP® Student Subscription – Free for class use*

Easy to learn and use with no-code, menu driven interface.

*Free for students and instructors currently enrolled or teaching at a degree-granting institution. Renew at no cost every 12 months for as long as you are eligible. Approved for class use only; not for research use.

*Advanced courses may require statistical capabilities found in JMP Pro, which includes capabilities not found in the JMP Student Subscription. Your university may have a campus license for JMP Pro. Check this partial list of licensed universities, or consult your university IT department.

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Why choose JMP?

Analytical skills are in high demand.
 JMP is the tool of choice for hundreds of thousands of data explorers.


growth in demand for data analytics skills by 2030

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

“Three times more job postings than job searches"



Average base salary, data analyst


JMP for Faculty

Interested in or currently teaching JMP in your classroom?
Need a multi-user license of JMP Pro? We're here to help you.

Core Capabilities of JMP®

Learn more about JMP's capabilities

  • Data Import & Management
  • Data Visualization
  • Univariate & Bivariate Data Analysis 
  • Hypothesis Testing & Estimation
  • Resampling & Bootstrapping
  • Text Exploration
  • Regression and ANOVA 
  • Basic Predictive Modeling 
  • Multivariate Data Analysis
  • Time Series & Forecasting
  • Design of Experiments
  • Reliability & Survival Analysis
  • Statistical Quality Control
  • Process Optimization
  • Six Sigma
  • Measurement Systems Analysis
  • Digital Marketing
  • Share Results

Explore data with powerful statistics for free! 

JMP helps you tackle your routine and difficult statistical problems. From easily accessing your data from various sources, to using quick, reliable data preparation tools, and preforming statistical analyses, JMP lets you get the most out of your data in any situation.

Easy access, easy setup, deeper discoveries

You've done some exploration of your data. Now you're ready to ask more questions and make new discoveries. With its powerful statistics and interactive visualizations, JMP is the ideal data analysis tool for understanding complex relationships, digging deeper, and discovering the unexpected.

Share new discoveries with interactive visualization

Tell the story of your findings with easy to understand interactive dashboards and web visualizations. Every statistical analysis in JMP is accompanied by a graph, allowing you to see both numerical and visual results and more clearly share you discoveries.

Built for statistical empowerment

Additional Resources

JMP is here to help guide you on your analytics journey. The JMP Student Subscription provides you with an easy-to-use version of JMP software. Now build your analytical skills. These resources can help.

JMP Learning Library
The tools to get you started learning JMP. Our quick overviews, videos, and step-by-step tutorials will have you using JMP in no time.

From introductory statistics to predicitve modeling, JMP is featured in countless textbooks. Many contain data sets, links and other useful tools and are great resources for learning and using JMP.

The JMP Academic-Industry Network
Learn how JMP partners with academia and industry to help fill the analytics skills gap.

Contact the Academic Team
The JMP Academic team connects faculty, researchers and students with the right resources to build analytical skills and succeed in today’s data-driven world.​ We're here to help; contact us today.