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Reliability Analysis

Be successful in understanding failure.

  • In any manufacturing endeavor, product reliability strongly influences your business success. Use JMP® reliability analysis tools to prevent failure and improve warranty performance.
  • Find important design vulnerabilities and pinpoint defects in materials or processes, and then determine how to reduce them with tools that identify trends and outliers in your data and model predictions.
JMP was not only more efficient, but it added new possibilities for analysis.

Gerd Kopp
Quality Management and Reliability Statistician, BIOTRONIK

Reliability Analysis With JMP: Highlighted Features

Time to Failure Analysis

  • Survival
  • Fit Parametric Survival
  • Fit Proportional Hazards
  • Kaplan-Meier
  • Hazard analysis

Component Reliability

  • Life Distribution
  • Fit Life by X
  • Cumulative damage
  • Degradation
  • Destructive degradation
  • Repeated measures degradation
  • Accelerated testing
  • Bayesian Reliability analysis

System Reliability

  • Reliability growth
  • Reliability Block Diagram (RBD) PRO
  • Repairable Systems Simulation (RSS) PRO
  • Recurrence analysis
  • Repairable system
  • Non-repairable system 

Reliability Planning (Reliability Design)

  • Accelerated life test design
  • Reliability test plan
  • Reliability forecast
  • Reliability sample size

The best discoveries start with JMP

JMP data visualization illustration - bubble plot

JMP® Analytic Capabilities

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JMP Analytic Capabilities

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