New in JMP® 16

See the newest capabilities in JMP, JMP Live and JMP Pro

Action Recording and Enhanced Log Mode

With new Action Recording and Enhanced Log Mode, JMP captures activities performed during an interactive session and writes the corresponding JSL code. Integrate this JSL into a scripted, repeatable workflow for more efficient processing of new data. Use the Action Recorder to:

  • Spend less time performing data cleanup steps.
  • Interactively build a repeatable data prep workflow.
  • Expand your use of JSL code using scripts generated by the action recorder.

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Model Screening PRO

No one model fits every problem. You need the best one to explore the question at hand. Enter the new Model Screening platform that saves time in the model fitting process by allowing you to compare multiple models and determine the best one for your needs.

  • Automatically fit multiple predictive models and help select the best performing model.
  • Fit all available predictive models for categorical or continuous responses, with default tuning parameters.

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Term Selection and Sentiment Analysis PRO

Do you need to better understand  the voice of your customer? Two new features in the Text Explorer platform let you perform data-derived sentiment analysis to better understand what your customer is really saying.

  • Find terms that are most strongly associated with your response variable using Term Selection.
  • Classify and interpret customers' emotions from their reviews, survey responses and transcripts with Sentiment Analysis.

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Control Chart Warnings in JMP Live

Managing product quality and process improvement effectively hinges on access to current production details at any moment. With new Control Chart email notifications paired with JMP Live reports, you can monitor production, triage issues and share status and actionable details with interested parties. 

  • JMP Live sends notifications to specific users who need visibility to control chart warnings.
  • Interested parties can receive notifications for any or all of 15 warning types.

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Other Key Features

Data Import, Data Table, Cleanup

Make Binning Formula

Allows interactive binning for continuous data.

Improved Compare Data Tables

Features a new user interface that supports alignment of rows with a key, comparison of  columns with different names and display of results as a table of differences.

Custom Date Formatting

Formats dates as a string to more easily define a specific date configuration.

Additional items
  • New standalone regular expressions dialog is now available as a column utility, featuring improvements to the regular expressions library, better controls for previewing results on data from a table, the option to save a configuration to a script and the ability to manually add regular expressions patterns.
  • New unstructured text data filter allows unstructured text columns in the local and global data filters and simplifies finding key words, filtering on key words and creating subsets based on those key words.
  • JMP and Excel: Imported dates now appear in JMP as they do in Excel, and exported dates now look in Excel as they do in JMP.
  • Support for local data filter in most platforms.

Data Visualization

Enhanced Graph Builder

Features an easy run chart using the Row Order flag, a cumulative sum statistic for bars and lines and enhanced line labeling options through the graph legend.

Ruler Tool

Simplifies measurement of the distance between two points on any graph.

Updated Box Plot

Includes support for a continuous variable in the size role, aggregation statistics, a notched box plot and a legend with relative sizes.

Additional item
  • Hexagonal binning is now available on Graph Builder heatmaps where both x and y are continuous.

Design of Experiments (DOE)

Sample Size Explorer

Supports interactive exploration of power, sample size and margin of error.

Limit of Detection Analysis

Performs analyses more easily and supports specification of lower and upper detection limits for one or more responses in the Custom Designer. PRO

Additional items
  • Improved process for creating supersaturated designs using Bayesian D-Optimal approach.
  • Enhanced covariate handling in custom design.
  • Auto-solve for power at some threshold p-value.

Statistics, Predictive Modeling and Data Mining

Enhanced Structural Equation Modeling

Support new measures and visualizations for assessing measurement models, model shortcuts for easily specifying common models and an interactive Model Comparison table. PRO

Improved Explore Outliers

Updated K-NN displays additional detail on the largest outliers, and the new Robust PCA provides a solid multivariate method that respects the multivariate structure of the data and allows missing values.

Time Series Forecast

Support for forecasting multiple time series, fitting up to 30 different exponential smoothing models and automatically selecting the best fitting model. Includes workflow for using holdout set for time series model validation.

Profiler Extrapolation Control

Provides controls to prevent extrapolating too far outside the range of the original data when exploring predictions in the profiler or performing optimization. PRO

Additional items
  • Support for regression and automated tuning of hyperparameters in the Support Vector Machine (SVM) platform. PRO
  • New Fit Curve DOE (CDOE) analysis uses Generalized Regression in the Fit Curve platform to predict the response curve for combinations of supplementary variables not necessarily observe in a sample. PRO
  • New FDR Adjusted PValues categorical option adds columns to report tables that have p-values showing the False-Discovery-Rate-Adjusted PValues (Benjamini-Hochberg). Used to protect against tests being significant by random chance alone when running many tests.
  • Animation profilers show a tour of how profiles change as each factor is changed.
  • Improvements to the Time Series platform include validation support, addition of State Space Smoothing models and support for Box-Cox transformation.
  • Updated Oneway analysis launches Fit Model to show correct analysis when blocks are unbalanced.
  • Equivalence tests now allow unequal variances.
  • Profiler now recognizes the disallowed combinations constraint script in the data table that can be created in DOE and can also perform optimization subject to the disallowed combination constraint.
  • New Target Level column property for specifying the positive level (high level is the default).
  • Enhanced Response Screening with support for local data filter and column switcher.
  • Functional Data Explorer Updates: New Functional PCA diagnostics present a clear view of how the number of selected FPC scores impacts the resulting predictions. PRO

Quality Engineering and Reliability

Updated EWMA Chart

Features enhanced interactivity and functionality in three default charts—EWMA with limits, Individuals chart with MR limits and Residuals chart.

Additional items
  • Enhancements to Control Chart Builder, including the ability to run Western Electric Tests on control charts with one-sided limits. Note: Show Excluded Region and Test Excluded Subgroups should default to 'Off'.
  • Improvements to the Reliability Block Diagram include new "Generate Algebraic Expression Data Table," in which each component is corresponding to a column and the last column is the system reliability algebraic expression as a JSL expression taking component columns as arguments.
  • Fit Life Distribution platform now reports median rank regression (MRR) Weibull parameter estimates when there are no censored observations.
  • Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA) Designs generates a full factorial (fully crossed) design for an MSA test and provides diagnostic measures for evaluation. Accessible in DOE > Special Purpose.
  • Updated user interface for OC Curves (available in Analyze > Quality and Process).

Automation and Scripting

Container-Based Loops

New JSL functions for container-based loops provide ways to easily loop over, transform and filter a container or containers.

Additional items
  • JSL support for running a script after a column switch.
  • Multiplatform column switcher.
  • The display box JSL message <<Set Auto Stretching(x, y) is now the message <<Set Stretch(x, y), where x and y can be one of “Neutral”, “Off”, “Fill”, or “Window”.

Data Sharing

Project Improvements

Added option to save JMP files and reports directly to the project file for a single, self-contained file (.jmpprj) that can be distributed, backed up or archived.

Journals Enhancements

Updates to simplify starting and editing a journal, including a new script box for submitting JSL.

Additional items
  • Graphs in Interactive HTML and JMP Live now support zooming and panning.
  • Column switcher is now available in Dashboard Builder, allowing all platforms that depend on the same data table to switch together when running the dashboard.
  • Profilers within the Functional Data Explorer platform (FDOC and FPC) are now interactive when exporting to interactive HTML or publishing to JMP Live.

JMP Live

  • New Manage Connections tool defines and names connections in one-time set up.
  • Enhanced JSL interface supports name-based connections, changes to attributes on individual reports, updates to data on an existing post, empty folder creation, report and folder deletion and search for posts, folders and reports.
  • Automatic page refresh when new information is available.
  • New data management options allow updates to an individual child post and updates to data on an existing post without republishing the original post. Note: Permissions control who can update data.