The JMP® Analytic Workflow

From data to insight — all in one self-service platform

JMP®: Your singular platform for data access, analysis and sharing

  • Save time and effort

    Easily access and import data from a variety of sources and quickly analyze and share your discoveries in one platform.

  • Accelerate process improvement

    Boost reproducibility and get to market faster while reducing variation by automating repeat analyses – no coding required.

  • Remove barriers and complexity

    Tackle problems of any size with our extensive suite of analytic platforms.

  • Get more from your investment

    Increase efficiency without increasing head count and eliminate the need to have multiple tools that solve the same problems.

Data Access

  • Quick and easy data access no matter the data source: Excel, flat files, relational databases, API's, R, Python, SAS and more. 
  • Self-service data extracts with just a few clicks - no need for code, your IT department, or your DBA. 
  • Data imported into JMP is preformatted and optimized to visualize, explore and analyze - saving you valuable time and effort. 
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Data Blending and Cleanup

  • Reduce cycle time spent preparing data for analysis to let you focus on innovation, experimentation and discovery.
  • Visual and interactive tools for cleanup take the complexity out of the task.
  • Transform and blend data to fit your problem, not the other way around. No need to be burdened by the way "data is" currently. 
  • Use data often thought to be unusable or too complex to work with like text, images, functions and more. Find hidden gems in data your organization is already collecting.
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Data Exploration and Visualization

  • Plot your data: Humans are good at spotting both patterns and trends and patterns that don't fit the trend. The best way to do that is to plot the data.
  • Uncover hidden relationships quickly with the interactive Graph Builder.
  • Make graphs production-ready within the same platform for publication, presentation and internal selling.
  • Use the deep and wide toolbox for building graphs to better communicate your findings.
  • Graphs in JMP represent an interface to your data, not just a representation of it.
  • Graphs are always linked to data, providing an easy, bidirectional way of working with your data.
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Design of Experiments

  • When you need to develop an understanding of cause and effect and you have limited resources, you need the power of statistically designed experiments.
  • With the Custom Designer, you can design efficient experiments to meet your real-world constraints, process limitations and budget.
  • When you have many factors to consider, a Definitive Screening Design can help you untangle important effects, including interactions and quadratics.
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Basic Data Analysis and Modeling

  • Easily analyze one, two or many variables at a time in linked analyses that let you unfold the hidden story in your data. 
  • A graph for every statistic to easily explore and interpret analysis results.
  • Don't memorize the names of statistical tests or search a menu for the right test – JMP helps you pick the right test and the right model based on your data and the variables you've selected.
  • Just in time analysis, in flow – start with a graph, add summary statistics and then add statistical details you need to solve your problem, all within the same analysis window.
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Advanced Statistical Modeling

  • JMP lets you deal with the diversity of modeling tasks: univariate, multivariate and multifactor.
  • You have the flexibility to use your data in the modern forms collected – text, functional and more – and transform it to data you can use to build more useful models for better insights.
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Predictive Modeling and Machine Learning

  • Build better and more useful models with modern predictive modeling techniques, such as regression, neural networks and decision trees.
  • Automatically fit multiple predictive models and help select the best performing model with model screening.
  • Avoid overfitting using cross-validation and K-fold cross-validation.
  • Use machine learning methods without having to write code and tune algorithms.
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Quality and Process Engineering

  • Monitor your processes using Shewhart charts in a whole new way with an interactive Control Chart Builder that lets you drag and drop to explore potential root causes of variation.
  • Have JMP Live notify you when there is an out of control signal by setting control chart warnings.
  • Study the capability and performance of many variables at the same time to easily identify processes that aren't meeting expectations, and drill into problem processes to identify potential root causes.
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Reliability Analysis

  • In any manufacturing endeavor, product reliability strongly influences business success.
  • Reliability tools in JMP help you prevent failure and improve warranty performance.
  • By revealing trends and outliers in your data and model predictions, JMP helps you find important design vulnerabilities and pinpoint defects in materials or processes – then determine how to reduce them.
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Consumer and Market Research

  • JMP provides a comprehensive set of tools for marketing and consumer research analysts.
  • By listening to the voice of the customer, you can make better products, react to market trends and increase profitability and your competitive edge. 
  • Bridge the gap between your customers, R&D teams, management and sales through objective data rather than opinions or anecdotal evidence.
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Automation and Scripting

  • Few tools have the flexibility of JMP, with a point-and-click, approachable workflow and visual interface coupled with a deep and rich scripting interface back end.
  • Embrace automation at all levels of computer science skills. With code-free access to automation routines all the way up to completely customized applications, JMP can meet you where you are with the goals you need to achieve through automation.
  • For advanced users, empower your entire organization with applications, customized workflows and domain-specific tools, which optionally can give users code-free access to SAS, MATLAB, Python and R routines.
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Mass Customization

  • Make JMP output the standard for your team, your division and your organization's unique needs.
  • Customize everything – graphics, statistics, default views and more.
  • Make JMP conform to the way you and your organization work, rather than the other way around.
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Content Organization

  • Translate statistical results to a simplified view of your project that can communicate findings to decision makers in an approachable way.
  • Empower decision makers to see into the black box, rather than just trusting it.
  • Organize, summarize and document content to better aid with the accountability and reproducibility of your work.
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Sharing and Communicating Results

  • Have access to your data, model results and visualization anywhere you go.
  • Frictionless presentation of experimental results at the point of decision makes for better decision support.
  • Focus on decision making, not discussing everyone's version of the data. View a single version of the truth.
  • Use JMP software's complete analytics platform for modeling and presenting results. Don't rely on one tool for statistical analysis and another for presentation – use JMP for all aspects of the analytical workflow.
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