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Data Connectors 

Data access is fundamental. It's the starting point for any analytic journey. That's why, with JMP, we make it easy to access your data from a variety of sources.

Data SourceTypeHow to Connect
Amazon AuroraDatabaseDatabase → Query Builder (ODBC 3.5 driver)
Amazon RedshiftDatabaseDatabase → Query Builder (ODBC 3.5 driver)
Azure SQL DatabaseDatabase → Query Builder (ODBC 3.5 driver)
DB2DatabaseDatabase → Query Builder (ODBC 3.5 driver)
Data Feed From Laboratory Instrument*Data FeedOpen Datafeed();
Dynamic Linked Libraries (DLLs)*Data FeedLoad DLL();
Excel Files (.xls,.xlsx,.xlsm)Third Party FilesFile → Open (Excel Import Wizard), Excel Add-In
FACS Files (.fcs)Third Party FilesFile → Open
FirebirdDatabaseDatabase → Query Builder (ODBC 3.5 driver)
Google SheetsCloud SourceInternet Open → Google Sheets
HDF5 Data File (.h5,.hdf5,.hdf)Third Party FilesFile → Open
HTML Files (.htm,.html) Third Party FilesFile → Open
HiveDatabaseDatabase → Query Builder (ODBC 3.5 driver)
ImpalaDatabaseDatabase → Query Builder (ODBC 3.5 driver)
JMP Application Files (.jmpappsource,.jmpapp)FilesFile → Open
JMP Customizations (Add-Ins, Menus)(.jmpaddin,.jmpaddindef,.def,.jmpcust)FilesFile → Open
JMP Data Tables (.jmp)FilesFile → Open
JMP Journals (.jrn)FilesFile → Open
JMP LiveWeb APINew JMP Live (), File → Publish
JMP Projects (.jmpprj, .jmpprjarchive)FilesFile → Open
JMP Reports (.jrp)FilesFile → Open
JMP Scripts (.jsl)FilesFile → Open
JMP SQL Queries (.jmpquery)FilesFile → Open
MariaDBDatabaseDatabase → Query Builder (ODBC 3.5 driver)
MATLAB Code (.m,.M)Third Party FilesFile → Open
MATLAB Environment**Numeric Computing PlatformMATLAB Connect ();
Microsoft AccessDatabaseDatabase → Query Builder (ODBC 3.5 driver)
Microsoft SQL ServerDatabaseDatabase → Query Builder (ODBC 3.5 driver)
Minitab Portable Worksheet File (.mtp)Third Party FilesFile → Open
Multiple FilesFilesFile → Open Multiple (Multiple File Open)
MySQLDatabaseDatabase → Query Builder (ODBC 3.5 driver)
OAuth 2.0 Web APINew HTTP Request();
OracleDatabaseDatabase → Query Builder (ODBC 3.5 driver)
OSI PI ServerData HistorianDatabase → Import from OSIsoft PI Server
Other ODBC 3.5 Compliant DatabaseDatabaseDatabase → Query Builder → New Connection
Other Source Code (.py,.PY,.c,.C,.cpp,.CPP,.sql,.SQL)Third Party FilesFile → Open
PDF Files (.pdf)Third Party FilesFile → Open (PDF Import Wizard)
PostgreSQLDatabaseDatabase → Query Builder (ODBC 3.5 driver)
Python Environment**Open Source LanguagePython Connect();
R Code (.r,.R)Third Party FilesFile → Open
R Environment**Open Source Language
R Connect();
REST APIsWeb APINew HTTP Request();
SAP Adaptive ServerDatabaseDatabase → Query Builder (ODBC 3.5 driver)
SAP HanaDatabaseDatabase → Query Builder (ODBC 3.5 driver)
SAS 9.4SASSAS → SAS Query Builder
SAS Cloud Analytics Services (CAS)Web APICAS Connect ();
SAS Data Sets (.sas7bdat,.xpt,.stx,.v8xpt,.xpt8)FilesFile → Open
SAS Program Files (.sas)FilesFile → Open
Shapefiles (.shp)Third Party FilesFile → Open
Sockets*Data FeedSocket ();
SPSS Files (.sav)Third Party FilesFile → Open
SQLite Database (.sqlite,.db,.sqlite3,.db3)DatabaseFile → Open (Query Builder)
SybaseDatabaseDatabase → Query Builder (ODBC 3.5 driver)
TeradataDatabaseDatabase → Query Builder (ODBC 3.5 driver)
Teradata Database (.trd)DatabaseFile → Open
Text Files (.csv,.tsv,.dat,.txt)Third Party FilesFile → Open (Text Import Wizard)
Triple-S Survey Data (.sss,.SSS,.xml,.XML)Third Party FilesFile → Open
WebpagesWebpagesInternet Open → Web Page
xBase Data Files (.dbf)Third Party FilesFile → Open
XML and JSON Data Files (.xml,.json)Third Party FilesFile → Open (XML Import Wizard)

* Windows operating systems only. See system requirements
** Software must be installed on same machine as JMP.