Featured Books

Data Management and Analysis Using JMP: Health Care Case Studies

Data Management and Analysis Using JMP®: Health Care Case Studies

by Jane E. Oppenlander and Patricia Schaffer

2017 (SAS Institute)

Biostatistics Using JMP

Biostatistics Using JMP®: A Practical Guide

by Trevor Bihl

2017 (SAS Institute)

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Assistance for Authors

At JMP, we are very interested in assisting those authors who wish to utilize JMP in their textbooks. To aid in manuscript development, JMP provides qualified authors with the latest software and updates, reference materials, technical assistance and access to JMP training events. For more information, contact us at academic@jmp.com

Assistance for Publishers

JMP® 10 Student Edition (Windows, Mac) is a streamlined and specially packaged and priced, student-oriented version of JMP software that contains all the basic functionality for first year statistics courses. Authors and publishers interested in including the new JMP Student Edition with their books may contact us at academic@jmp.com.

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